Monday, March 24, 2014

Make a Difference - Work For Us

We are hiring a ton of positions over the next few months. The jobs are posted on . More information can be found there and you can apply on line.

Why is Chesterfield VA a great place to work? Lots of reasons.

Excellence - We have been the #1 digital county in the USA twice in the last 4 years. In 2010 we were voted as having the best county website in the nation. We have won numerous awards and recognitions. We are known nationally for our innovation, service delivery and progressive use of technology.

Staff - We have some of the best people in industry working with us. 100 technology professionals to support you, work with you and have fun with you. Great people to work with.

Progressive - We do telework. We do virtual desktops. We have BYOD. We have flexible scheduling. We wear jeans on Fridays. We have state of the art tools and we know how to use them.

Growth  - We have opportunities for development and advancement. Training is provided. Work hard, make a difference, move up.  I will even teach you how to give a great interview and manage your career!

And the best reason ... Because we make a difference. We get the fire trucks to the burning buildings faster, have better web services for citizens, keep the bad guys locked up, make sure the libraries have the book you want, make sure citizens have wifi access, and you get the idea. Want to be part of this? Read on.

Positions that are posted NOW, some of these close March 27th, some are open continuously:

  1. Solutions Architect (2) - Help create solutions and the architecture that make the applications possible, mentor other programmers, solve complicated problems, save the day occasionally. 
  2. Senior Desktop Support Specialist  - Work with customers and administrators to support the physical, virtual and mobile enterprise desktop.  
  3. Server Administrator - Create, destroy, maintain, create cool names for, and manage windows servers in the virtual, physical and blade center arenas. 
  4. Application Systems Administrator - Work in a growing group of professionals focused on maintaining the enterprise applications such as ERP, Imaging, Mobility and others. 

Get details on the jobs at and let me know if you have any questions, email me at .

Thanks, Barry

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Anonymous said...

Thanks for the talk today. I look forward to hearing from your staff! Phil