Wednesday, November 13, 2013

Ethics for (young) Technology Professionals

Every year I give a presentation at a local technical high school through Junior Achievement on ethics. The kids in this program are sharp, sharp, sharp. They have tremendous potential, and will one day be the CIOs, CTOs, network administrators and innovators in our society. They will have the keys to the kingdon, so to speak, and their need for ethics will be paramount.

Ethics are important to these professions and to young people in general. I'll save the ranting for another post, but lets just say that there are MANY influences for young people that mold their view of the world. Not all these influences are good. What I try to do is raise awareness with the kids that ethics is an intentional thing. You have to think about it, you have to have personal standards and you have to be willing to do things that may make you uncomfortable.

Every year I go into this class, and there they sit. Madly googling me looking for details on me (probably directed by the teacher.) So, this post is for them, since they are looking for me!

So, for class please read the following articles (they are short):

See ya in class tomorrow!


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