Wednesday, May 1, 2013

Smartphones & Fitness Apps

Chesterfield County VA has a real commitment to the health and well being of our employees. We have a program called "C-Fit" that provides all kinds of classes and wellness programs. Everything from bootcamp to smoking cessation. Lets face it, healthy and active employees are more productive, spend less time out sick, are healthier, and happier on the job.

As the head IT guy in my organization, I was asked to hold a seminar on the use of smartphones for fitness & wellness. This is a great topic. 50% of the public has a smartphone, and 60% of the public is overweight so this would seem to be great topic. True intersection of technology and making peoples lives easier!

One of the more interesting things I get to contribute to. Has to be more entertaining than another budget meeting. Here is the course synopsis:

Smartphones & Fitness Apps
How far did I walk? How fast did I ride? How many calories did I burn? This seminar will explore the use of smartphones and other technology for putting more fun in your fitness, and helping you achieve your goals. “Hands on” demonstrations and guidance will be provided. Bring your smartphone!

So here is where you can help. Let me know your favorite fitness / wellness app. Strava? Weightwatchers? Trimble Outdoors?

Thanks, stay active, stay alive.



Steve Fisher said...

I use Fitbit myself and the app they provide to track my steps and the number of calories that I eat for the day.

Barry Condrey said...

I just bought a fitbit flex (on backorder), and hope to use it in the seminar. Great example of technology that can help us, not just make our lives for complicated!