Thursday, July 15, 2010

In Three Years...

... i've noticed a few changes in the Hartsfield Atlanta airport. I do not travel much anymore with my job in local government. We simply cannot afford it. This trip happened due to the need to accept a national award on behalf of my department. Unfortunately, the conference is in Reno, NV.

I am convinced the people that sit around and design routes for airplanes are determined to make it as difficult as possible to get to Reno from Richmond. You cannot get there for less than $2,000 and make less than two stops. All the while, the practically pay you to travel to Las Vegas.

There are just as many people. Hustling, hurrying, soothing crying kids, speaking many languages.

  • There are no available electrical outlets. Laptops, cell phones, and all manner of gadgets are plugged into every available outlet. They are the most valuable real estate in the airport. I've seen power strips used, to extend the usefulness of the single, rare and valuable outlet.
  • Consumer electronic stores are everywhere. BestBuy has a vending machine selling ipods, iTouches, earphones and other goods. Netbooks for sale. Prices not too bad either.
  • The trash cans automatically sort the recyclables when you put trash in them.
  • Lots of kiosks selling healthy alternatives for dinner.
  • Could not get a paper boarding pass from a human. HAD to use a kiosk.
  • Random bag search at the gate, before we boarded the plan. Guy in front of me got pulled.

I really don't like flying by myself. It is something I do when I have to. Alone in a sea of humanity is how I think of it. I wonder what this airport will look like in 100 years.

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