Monday, February 1, 2010

If we only had Social Media ...

Five ways my locality, Chesterfield County VA, could have used social media during this snow storm:
1) Take snowfall total reports from citizens, plot them on a web page map.
2) Publish tips on how to be safe in the snow.
3) Publish school and government closing reports.
4) Give activities to keep kids occupied during the storm.
5) Take pictures, video and stories from citizens. Publish them in a web-book.

Luckily, we are very close to approving a social media strategy in Chesterfield!

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Derek Brooks said...

Barry - I'm the Assistant Director of IT down here in Chesapeake, Virginia. For this most recent storm, we used both our Facebook and Twitter channels to update citizens as to the status of the city, give them general information about the storm, and helpful tips to make the storm a little more manageable. Good luck with your implementation. - Derek